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captioned by the national captioning institute >> a woman in frederick brutely attacked in a parking lot. >> police are on the lookout for the attackers. richard, this happened in an particular area. >> that is right. it happened in a wide open shopping lot. the victim was walking home when she was grabbed and sexually assaulted. frederick's amber meadows shopping center is conditioned a
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shave area. >> i come here all the time. >> this has many shoppers concerned. >> i don't think you should be afraid to walk around in your own town. >> police say around 8:00 p.m. two men grabbed a 31-year-old woman walking in the western end of this parking lot and forced her in their car and sexually assaulted her. >> i come here all the time. >> authorities say the woman escaped and ran into this supermarket and called for help. >> i'm not surprised. >> despite the security measures here lightening and security cameras she's always on guard. >> some of the areas are kind of shady. >> police only have a vague description of the suspects. the car is a white-four door chevy is a dan. when you walk from any store to
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your car she carries her keys defensively and rarely shops alone. >> i usually have my husband with me. >> for most shoppers this is a sad wake-up call. a reminder of safety first. >> run in and run out. don't mess around. i come out ready. >> now, as we said there is a swarne camera in the area. done surveillance camera in the parking lot. authorities are urging female pedestrians to be on alert and if you have any information please call police. >> richard thank you. we're going to get to the story that is making news across the country. a former navy seal was killed at a shooting range in texas. routh killed chris kyle last night. kyle is a highly-decorated navy
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seal and the alleged killer is an iraqi war veteran. >> she's being charged with capital murder and two other charges. >> routh is a former marine, believed to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. kyle was involved with helping fellow veterans deal with ptsd. >> schools were used for a possible pbs documentary. the report says that they signed an agreement with arlington schools. the documentary called "after newtown" they will look at how to stop school shootings before they happen. the footage shows teens running through hallway. >> an elderly man is dead and police are searching for his
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kill perp the 68-year-old was found unconscious in his home last night. he was stabbed and detectives are offering a $25,000 reward to any information that leads to his killer. >> a firefighter recovering from burns from battling a fire in bowie. they found flames shooting from the second floor. no word on what caused the fire. >> we're going to turn to weather now. after a day of flurries that didn't stick around it is going to be a cold night. >> let's go and look at the forecast with steve. >> we have light snow out there right now that will take taper up to flurries. take a look at the radar from the bell forth weather center. most of the activity is to the north of d.c. hugging the i-270 corridor.
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our skies will clear as our temperatures begin to fall. no problems in terms of advisories for the snow across the immediate metro. to the west of us, we have warnings for some counties. tonight, flurries and light snow showers will come to an end. temperatures in the upper 20's. the wind will take off later on tonight into the early morning hours. we'll tell you what to expect for the bus stop tomorrow morning. >> thank you. the ravens' fan ever fans are fired up. we would be amiss if we did not miss a little something something. tom is in baltimore standing by. >> we are here on south charles street in baltimore. this town is buzzing tonight. you can see we have a lot of police here but we also have a lot of people trying to get into some of these places.
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there is a lot of establishments on this street but there are big lines outside all of them. you can see across the street people are waiting to get in over there. we see mounted police, they are ready for what comes after the game. they are not worried right now. it is pretty much all hands on deck right now. are you riri that you won't be able to get in the game? >> yeah. but we will win. >> look at this, there's a big line waiting to get in and because of the fire code they can only let so many people into these places. who is going to leave once the super bowl started and it just did. this town is buzzing and i remember when the redskins one the super bowl a couple years ago and the same thing is going on here for the ravens. we'll see how it goes. this town will be very happy or
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very sad depending on how it goes in the next three ours. >> right now very happy. something unique about the super bowl sunday in the district and it hasn't happened in decades. ron is joining us live from northwest. >> it is very exciting for folks that live in the dupont circle neighborhood. they are going to open for another 20 minutes or so. they are closing at 7:00 tonight. actually, when you think about it all, it is a pretty big deal. it is the first time they can open on sunday since they opened this store in 1935. >> yes, this is d.c., yes this is a liquor store, and no your eyes are not deceiving you, it is open on sunday. >> i think it makes sense. you can do it in other states, why not d.c.? >> it is a good thing. we want to celebrate the game.
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>> the first time that n near i will -- nearly 80 years they have been allowed to open on sunday. the owner says he wants to make sure he was first out the gate when they began accepting applications for extended licenses last week but they were not sure the world would get out. >> we did not have enough time. i was approved for my license on thursday this past week. >> still neighbors lined up to get geared up for the super bowl parties. >> we celebrate. >> i'm picking out a wine for the party i'm going to. >> most customers say they are happy about the convenience and no more trips to maryland on sundays. >> i think it is overdue. i think it is makes life easier. >> the city hopes it will keep
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the tax revenue here comp is chpted to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. there are other cities that open on sundays as well. the owners said they did not want to make the workers come in on their only day off so we'll have to see how it shakes out. >> first time in 80 years not bad. president obama got a chance to weigh in on some issues during the pre-super bowl interview. he talked about the deficit and by making reductions in spending. he talked about football. mr. obama says the threat of con suggestions for football players means everything should be done for safety, special if you are youth. the standoff between a man holding a young boy hostage and police and what investigators
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are saying about the situation tonight. >> panetta is speaking out r out about chuck hagel. >> there is no time like the present for john kerry
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>> still no end in sight to that hostage standoff in alabama. jim continues to hold a 5-year-old boy in a bunker. they have been communicating with him and they are able to provide medicine to the child. ethan will turn 6 years old later this week. so far authorities are tight lipped about what he wants. police say this standoff continues. funeral services were held until alabama for that bus driver. he tried to block him from grabbing more students off the bus.
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people say he acted heroricically when hi got in the way of the gunman. >> a spokesperson says clinton is a long-time friend and the mayor advised hillary clinton when she ran for senate. michael bloomberg will deliver the yueling. >> panetta came out in support of hagel's nomination. >> i know chuck hagel. i think he has good experience in regards to public service. he understands the issues of the defense department. i think he will be a great secretary of defense. >> chuck hagel faced tough questioning during his senate confirmation hearing last week. they could vote on the nomination as early as thursday. >> it's been a busy weekend for
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secretary of state john kerry. he was only sworn in on friday and he has always assured israelly leaders that they will continue to the partnership. kerry also managed to find time to have lunch with the secretary of state under president reagan. >> very busy. there are flurries falling through the skies. >> can we expect more of the same ton
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>> how is the weather shaping on this super bowl sunday? >> light snow out there right now. as we move into early tomorrow morning it won't cause any problems.
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the skies are clearing out and the showers we had are quickly lifting off to the north and the east. it is 34 degrees at reagan national airport. the wind-chill makes it feel colder than that. the average for this day is 45 degrees and 65 was the record. george washington university is at 33 degrees. 29 in germantown and our final stop is arlington, 29 with a 31 as a high. by tomorrow morning we could see wind gusts up to 25 miles an hour. temperatures holding around 30 to 35 degrees. winchester at 32. if you're looking for that cold air head out to western maryland. there is a winter storm warning in effect as they could be looking at several inches of snow in oakland.
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it is going to remain north of us and we're going to look at a warming trend as we move through the next few days or so. by the end of the week we're talking high temperatures around 50 degrees. in the meantime, a series of low pressure systems clippers we will call them will move across the mid-atlantic. that will bring up white snow, nothing that is going to amount to a who will lot. radar shows the snow quickly moving off to north and the east. you may see a few flurries for the next couple of hours but they will diminish and the winds begins to pick up. the next 48, we'll see the clouds increase as they move through tomorrow afternoon. the next system on the way around 9:00 tomorrow it will arrive. light snow will develop. then during the afternoon hours a system will develop but that
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will not add up to a lot. 18 for a nighttime low and 25 for the high. here's the extended outlook. our temperatures are going to jump, jump into the 50-degree range by the end of the week. no big storms in the forecast. >> 50-degree range is not too bad. >> not bad let's talk golf on this sunday. >> yes, tiger is not out but bigger names dominated the headlines. we'll ted you how phil mickelson did.
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. >> going into today's nationally televised game against the
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penguins alex called his three-point showing this season embarrassing. the last year's league-leading scorer did little to help the caps perform. the caps would come out with green in front of the net. it is what you see, the red light lit up. he tries to dump it and rebounds off the board and he tries to save it but that is as much luck as they got today. penguins explode chris gets the pass and it is 3-2 pittsburgh. moments later they have a power play and kyle loses his stick and it is basically five on three. he kept saying that a lot because the final score was 6-3 with it as blowout.
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but for some reason the head coach didn't see it that way. >> unless you see something that i did not know he did not give them any chances. i thought we played a good, solid hockey. there are things we can do better but i don't look at the game that it got away from us because we were not playing well. >> with duke beating florida state the cavaliers are only half a point behind the blue devils. nothing weak about how they showed up today especially the yellow jackets. mitchell slams in. late in the second, the yellow jackets gone a run at one point. they stick the jump and that gives the yellow jackets the
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lead for good. they win 66-60. at the phoenix opening today joined some pretty impressive ranks like robert palmer. phil mickelson is just off the green and uphill. he is right in the fringe. check that out. it is absolutely perfect. 25 under par. mickelson taps it in for par. he finishes 20 under and this ties him for the second lowest score. mickelson picks up his 41st title of his career. >> this is cool. play of the day from a new york high school. throws up the half court shot and makes it. he was on his knee and that turned out to be the game
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winner. they win 57-54. the ravens lead the niners 7-0. >> another three while you were
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>> let's take one last look. >> we have white snow and that will taper off. then a few lingering flurries. temperatures tomorrow in the mid 30's. snow showers by late evening. another round on tuesday with clearing and a little bit of a warm-up by the end of the week. temperatures will be in the upper 40's to around 50 degrees. nighttime lows for the most part in the 20's to middle 30's. no big storms on the horizon.
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>> that sounds good. >> thank you for watching. >> we'll see you at 11:00. >> enjoy super bowl sunday. we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chickenompany to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken.
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